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Another beautiful Newborn Photographed in our Vancouver Studio!

I met Kristina last year at the Vancouver Baby and Family Show. She won a gift certificate for a FREE session at Connexion Photography. A few weeks ago, she emailed me to let me know that her beautiful new baby was born. I quickly made room in my schedule and after a few days, she was in with her 2 years old, her parents and her beautiful newborn "Teagan".

Teagan seemed to be quite content as she just got fed by mommy but as soon as she got dropped into the basket to start her newborn photo session, she start fiddling and crying. Mommey got to take her back, feed her again and she was gone. We were able to get a few shots but she quickly woke up. So mommy was back for a feeding round. We had to take a few breaks like that until we felt Teagan wouldn't settle, then I suggested that we reschedule the photo session for the following morning.

The day after I was on my way to Maple Ridge for the second part of Teagan newborn photo session. Teagan settle more easily on that day and I was able to get way more shoots and move her around for different poses. I was also able to get a few shots of Teagan's brother. You will find below Teagan newborn photography session by Connexion Photography. Hope you enjoy it!


Patrick Diagou

Your Vancouver Newborn Photographer

Owner - Connexion Photography

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