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Le Blog du jour

Discover what happened to one of our portrait clients!

This is what happened & how we reacted! Last week, I was really excited. I received one of my clients' order which included a large 24x36 Metal Wall Art. I was very happy with how the print of her portrait turned out: rich colors and a deep rich black. However, while I was packaging and handling her photos, I accidentally created a small dent (see image below) on the top left side of the large print. The dent was barely visible when the portrait was hung but because we guarantee total quality to each and every client that walk through our doors, I automatically ordered a new large 24x36 Metal Wall Art for my client. I then informed the client of the situation, apologized and mentioned that a new metal print has been ordered as a replacement. Today, the metal wall art arrived and I am really pleased to present my client with a new and perfect wall art. We don't bargain on quality. We give the best and only the best, no matter the cost. This is our promise and we stand behind it. by Patrick Diagou Owner | Connexion Photography

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Portrait d'une femme enceinte et son mari les deux tenant son ventre

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