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Le blog du jour | par l'équipe Connexion Photography

Le Blog du jour

It's finally here!

Discover our new website!

A place to reconnect & rediscover the beauty and the gift of life and family!

After 720 cups of tea (yes, I counted them :), a big bunch of 3 hour-nights of sleep and a ton of nights where we were ready to smash our computers against the wall, our new website is finally here. We are really excited and happy about how it turned out. We have tried our best to make it simple, modern and easy to navigate. We were also able to respect our deadline of February 20 to have the website up and running. However, a few minor bugs (such as the site not appearing correctly on Iphone and Androids) forced us to postpone the official launch to "NOW". So, it is our pleasure and honour to pull back the curtain and let you discover our new website:

Please tell us what you think: if you love it, or not or if you find a bug. We really want to hear from you. It will help us improve the website usability.

Thanks to everyone for your help and for your continuous support. You are all awesome.

To those who have done their photo sessions recently but don't see their photographs on our website, we have reserved you the privilege to be the first one to discover them before they appear in our gallery (I know what you think! Those folks at Connexion are nice. Yes, we are :)... And before I forget, please like our Facebook page and share it with as many people as you can (your friends, your family, your colleagues and why not your old boss - just kidding for the last one).

Thanks again to each and everyone for your support and watch your inbox for your invitation to Connexion Photography "Grand Opening" and "Yellow Heart Fundraiser" on March 8.


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