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You are a family of 3, 4, may be more

You love your kids and take one of them to soccer, hockey or dance practice when needed. You have a busy work life and love to hang out with your girlfriends.



You don't have a kid yet, but love your cat or your dog to death

You may want to immortalize those loving moments with them or just want to have a nice portrait of them done.



You are a woman, maybe expecting your first baby

Besides the discomfort of the pregnancy, you see your body changing everyday and can't wait to see and love your little treasure. You see your belly getting bigger and bigger and want to capture and immortalize this important time in your life with an aswesome portrait.


You are also thinking and imagining your little one tiny hands and feets or his cute little face and want to make sure to keep that moment forerver.



You are a happy but tired new mom

You are experiencing or re-experiencing the joy of being a new mom but crave for a good and uninterrupted night of sleep. You see your baby growing and changing everyday and want to make sure to preserve and capture each and every milestone of his first year.



You love art and don't hesitate to invest for your family

You have taste for unique home decor pieces and are not afraid to invest in what you love, especially when related to your family and your well being.

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