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The Face behind "Connexion"


Who knew that a graphic designer with a Master degree in marketing and a strong care for people would fall in love with photography? Certainly not Patrick.


In 2010 during his first formal photography course, while doing his graphic design diploma, Patrick fell in love with photography and decided that it would be for "the better and the worse". In his early connection with the camera, his dramatic vision and deep connection to people helped him create heart-touching photographs that were "simply beyond words". His love for people in general and his strong sense of empathy has naturally drawn him to specialize in family, baby and children photography. He also work extensively with non-profit organizations such as the Downtown Eastside Neighbourhood House.


Being a father since last year, he enjoys even more working with families, babies and children. Safety, comfort, care and understanding are his first priorities. Being a member of the Professional Photographer association of America has helped him bring his skills to the next level and perfect his natural ability to create photographs that touch your hearts.



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Connexion Photography est un studion photo situé à Abidjan, aux 2 plateaux sur la Rue des Jardins (Cote d'Ivoire) et spécialisé dans les photos de femmes enceintes, de nouveau-né, d'enfants et de familles.


Connexion Photography est membre de l'Association des Photographes du Canada www.ppoc.ca et est accrédité par celle-ci, ce qui dénote de sa capacité à produire des images d'un niveau de qualité hautement professionnel.